Pairing Trousers With Jordan 1 High's

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When it comes to pairing shoes with pants, it's important to consider the style and color of both the shoes and the pants. In the case of Jordan 1s, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

First, let's talk about the style of Jordan 1s. They're a high-top sneaker with a classic basketball design, featuring a leather or suede upper and a rubber sole. They come in a variety of colors and color combinations, so it's important to choose pants that complement the color scheme of your Jordans.

One classic option is to wear Jordan 1s with jeans. This is a versatile look that works with almost any color of Jordan 1s. Choose a slim or straight leg jean in a dark wash to create a clean and casual look. Alternatively, you can go for a more distressed or ripped style to give your outfit a bit of edge.

Another great option is to pair your Jordan 1s with joggers. This is a comfortable and stylish look that's perfect for running errands or hanging out with friends. Choose a pair of joggers with tapered ankles to show off your sneakers, and go for a neutral color like black, grey, or olive green.

For a more formal look, you can pair your Jordan 1s with dress pants. This might seem like an unconventional choice, but it can actually look really sharp. Choose a slim or tapered dress pant in a neutral color like black, navy, or charcoal, and wear a dress shirt or sweater to complete the look.

Finally, if you want to make a statement with your Jordan 1s, you can pair them with bold, patterned pants. This works particularly well if you have a pair of Jordans with a single bold color, like red or yellow. Choose pants with a bold pattern like plaid or stripes, and make sure the colors in the pattern complement the color of your sneakers.

In conclusion, there are many options when it comes to pairing pants with Jordan 1s. The key is to consider the color and style of your sneakers, and choose pants that complement them. Whether you prefer a casual or formal look, there's a pair of pants that will look great with your Jordans.

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