A Brief History of Jordan 2

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The Jordan 2 sneakers were first released in 1986, one year after the debut of the iconic Jordan 1. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, the Jordan 2 was a departure from its predecessor in many ways, featuring a more refined and sophisticated design that was intended to reflect Michael Jordan's own evolving style and personality.

One of the most notable features of the Jordan 2 was its use of luxurious materials, including leather and snakeskin, which gave the shoe a more upscale and premium feel. The shoe was also notable for its lack of Nike branding, with the only visible logo being the Jumpman emblem on the tongue.

Despite its high-end design and construction, the Jordan 2 was not as successful as the Jordan 1, and sales were disappointing. Part of the reason for this was the shoe's high price point, which put it out of reach for many consumers. Additionally, the lack of Nike branding may have been a turn-off for some fans who were used to seeing the familiar Swoosh logo on their sneakers.

Despite its initial lack of success, the Jordan 2 has since become a cult favorite among sneaker collectors and enthusiasts. The shoe's unique design and premium materials have made it a highly sought-after piece of footwear history, with rare colorways and collaborations fetching high prices on the resale market.

In recent years, Jordan Brand has released a number of retro versions of the Jordan 2, including collaborations with designers and artists like Don C and Just Don. These releases have helped to revive interest in the shoe and introduce it to a new generation of fans.

While the Jordan 2 may not be as well-known or beloved as the Jordan 1, it still holds a special place in sneaker history. Its luxurious materials, sleek design, and association with Michael Jordan make it an iconic piece of footwear that will continue to be sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts for years to come.


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