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Funding UAE entrepreneurs by selling the most wanted sneakers at the best prices.

The VIP Sneakers story

Started back in the year of 1991

Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls, with his newly released Jordan 6 OG 'Black Infrared', had won the NBA Championship for the first time, and the first website ever was launched by the Father of the internet "Tim Berners-Lee".

For one of VIP Sneakers' investors, although personal savings in 1991 couldn't stretch to Michael's J6's, a pair of Reebok Pumps were the sneaker of choice, and basketball would introduce him to the world of sneakers - but not as we know it today.

The VIP Sneakers story

A son's passion for Jordan 1s

30 years later, having long replaced basketball with business and investing, and living with the family in the Emirate of Dubai, sneaker exposure this time would be triggered by a son's passion for Jordan 1s.

4 sneakers became 40, 40 sneakers became 400, and with changes to the business setup rules in the U.A.E, a passion for sneakers had turned into a fully established business.

Given the popularity of the sneaker retail market, why do clients buy from V.I.P Sneakers?

Because of the "V.I.P" in V.I.P Sneakers

We want you to feel like you are our only client, our only V.I.P client. Where your question, query or concern is responded to professionally, regardless of whether you are buying the least or the most expensive sneaker. Where you feel comfortable at all times throughout any sneaker purchase irrespective of how many times you have purchased from us. And, where you get the same access to sneakers as anyone else.​​ In return, you will get:

A+ Service

An A+ Service from your first to your last interaction with us

Unbeatable Prices

Unbeatable Prices enabled by us being an online-only business 

100% Authentic

100% Authentic sneakerscertified by an Independent Authenticator

Highest Quality

The Highest Quality sneakers underpinned by our own strict quality control policies


The Leadership Team



Harry (Hal) is a UK born-Dubai resident, a natural-born entrepreneur and the reason why V.I.P Sneakers is alive today. 

​Harry oversees all aspects of the operational business and is the driving force behind the strategic ambition and plans for V.I.P Sneakers.

​Harry is a keen basketballer, swimmer, combat fighter and golfer, but more importantly, a true sneakerhead.


Head of Marketing

Aakifah is a South African born-Dubai resident, and a Social Media and Marketing expert.

Aakifah oversees all V.I.P Sneakers' marketing activity including Social Media Management, Public and Medial Relations and Brand Development.

Aakifah is a fashion-guru and provides in-depth knowledge and advice of complimentary fashion to the sneaker community.


Head of Merchandising & Sales

Kariem is a UK Business and Finance graduate and Dubai resident, and the ultimate sneakerhead.

Kariem is responsible for all of V.I.P Sneaker's product acquisitions, channel strategies, collaborations and partnerships and sales activities.