Collaborations – Part 2 – Off-White

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Nike, one of the world's most recognized sportswear brands, has been collaborating with Virgil Abloh's fashion label, Off-White, since 2017. The Nike x Off-White collaboration has resulted in some of the most highly sought-after sneakers and clothing items in recent years.

Virgil Abloh, a former architect and Kanye West's creative director, launched Off-White in 2013. The brand's aesthetic is characterized by its use of industrial motifs, bold graphics, and unconventional cuts. Abloh's design philosophy is heavily influenced by his background in architecture, resulting in a unique approach to fashion design that incorporates elements of structure, form, and function.

The collaboration between Nike and Off-White began in 2017 with "The Ten" collection, which featured ten iconic Nike sneakers reimagined by Abloh. The collection included the Air Jordan 1, Nike Air Max 90, and Nike Blazer, among others. Each sneaker in the collection featured Abloh's signature deconstructed design elements, such as exposed stitching, zip ties, and text printed on the side.

The collaboration was a massive success, with the sneakers selling out within minutes of their release. The collection sparked a new trend in sneaker design, with many brands following suit and incorporating deconstructed elements into their designs.

Since "The Ten," Nike and Off-White have released several other collaborative collections, including "Football, Mon Amour," "Athlete in Progress," and "Dear Summer." These collections have featured a range of clothing items, including hoodies, jackets, shorts, and track pants.

One of the most popular sneakers to come out of the Nike x Off-White collaboration is the Air Jordan 1. The sneaker, which was first released in 2017 as part of "The Ten," has since been re-released in several new colorways, each one selling out almost immediately. The Air Jordan 1 features Abloh's deconstructed design elements, such as the text printed on the side and the signature zip tie.

Another popular sneaker from the collaboration is the Nike Dunk. The Nike Dunk, which was originally released in 1985 as a basketball sneaker, has become a staple of streetwear fashion in recent years. Abloh's deconstructed design elements give the Nike Dunk a fresh and modern look, making it one of the most coveted sneakers of 2020 and 2021.

In addition to the sneakers, the Nike x Off-White collaboration has also produced a range of clothing items that have been equally popular. These items often feature Abloh's signature graphics and bold text, and are designed to be worn as part of a full outfit.

The Nike x Off-White collaboration has been a huge success, with each new collection selling out within minutes of its release. The collaboration has sparked a new trend in sneaker and streetwear design, with many brands now incorporating deconstructed design elements into their products.

Overall, the Nike x Off-White collaboration has been a perfect example of how two brands can come together to create something truly unique and innovative. With each new release, the collaboration continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in sneaker and streetwear design, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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