New Balance 550 Aime Leon Dore White Leather

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 Introducing the New Balance 550 Aime Leon Dore White Leather sneaker – a stunning collaboration between New Balance and Aime Leon Dore that reimagines the classic 550 silhouette with a touch of contemporary luxury. This sophisticated sneaker showcases a minimalistic design, blending timeless style with modern craftsmanship to create the perfect addition to any sneaker enthusiast's collection.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Construction: The shoe is meticulously crafted from high-quality white leather, offering unparalleled durability, style, and comfort. The pristine white leather upper is complemented by subtle suede accents, creating a refined yet versatile aesthetic that elevates any outfit.

  2. Iconic Design: Inspired by the vintage 1989 New Balance 550 silhouette, this collaboration fuses classic design elements with modern updates. The sleek, low-profile cut and perforated toe box pay homage to the original 550, while the clean lines and contemporary color palette bring it into the present.

  3. Advanced Comfort: The ENCAP midsole technology delivers exceptional support and cushioning, ensuring all-day comfort without compromising style. The padded collar and tongue provide a snug fit, while the breathable leather lining keeps your feet fresh and comfortable.

  4. Exclusive Branding: The New Balance 550 Aime Leon Dore White Leather sneaker features the iconic "N" logo on the side, along with Aime Leon Dore's signature logo on the tongue and insole. This subtle yet distinctive branding highlights the creative synergy between the two brands.

  5. Limited Edition: This highly sought-after collaboration is available in limited quantities, making it a must-have for collectors and fans of both New Balance and Aime Leon Dore.

Elevate your sneaker game with the New Balance 550 Aime Leon Dore White Leather sneaker – a perfect fusion of classic style, modern luxury, and unparalleled comfort. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of sneaker history and add this timeless masterpiece to your collection today!

100% Authentic
Style: BB550AM1
Colourway:  WHITE/WHITE
Release Date: 11 February 2022
Condition: New, never worn, with original box

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